Dear Ex-Lover(s)

I hope you get soaked by rain while attending your next business meeting… You’ll still be on time.
I hope you get stranded on 3rd mainland bridge with no cash and battery flat.
I hope your heels gets broken while ”raking” at a junior staff.
:p :p :p


How I Miss You

Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I am over you but really I am thinking come lay by me, when next would I get my regular gift from you, hold me tight and keep me away from insanity of the world.

No one to call me ‘’Yesufu’’, the name I frowned at every time you call me by it.

No one to report me every time we had people over.

When you left, you made me cry blaming myself for everything. Maybe I should have called you more often, maybe I should have sent you flowers every Wednesday just because its Wednesday, maybe I should have held your hands every minute, maybe I should have visited you more often, maybe I should have loved you a little bit more, maybe I should have…

 That is all gone now because you are far away… but you will forever remain a part of me.

[ Long pause… ] I wish I could have back my big birds.

In Loving memories of my Grandmas ”mama Ijebu” and ”Iya Eleja”.

Inspired by the thoughts of my ex-girlfriend with whom I had so much laughs and fights. You showed me love even if it was in the ‘‘weirdest’ of ways but its fine because weird is good and I love weird.

 If only you had stayed a lil much longer we might have solved the problem that you thought existed. I never had regrets not even for a second. I hope he loves you as much as I do.

Lastly, leaving was your loss.

PS: If you still don’t love him/her it means you were never in love.

See My Africa

If you don’t know us, we don’t know you… If you don’t respect us, you deserve none. We are Nigerians and Proudly Africans.

15mins in Heaven

It is the Monday morning of 13th Feb. 2015, or the eve of St. Valentine.

Time to re-frame and renew lies boys and girls tell themselves, time for love birds to appreciate the bond that has kept them together, time to show that special someone how much you love him/her, time for kings and queens of heart breaks to shatter dreams and for some it is just a day to get laid cheaply.

Whichever category you find yourself, I can only wish you the best of luck…

Let me warn you, this note is not about the deceit of the so called lovers day but the multiple erection that is about to take the day by surprise.

Men lie… Women lie… It’s the reason we have a balance in the world. End of story.

It was indeed a long and peaceful night, waking up in my brief and of course with an hard-on which was only natural right?

It must have been carved out of the historic olumo rock, it seem they both share the attribute rock-hard. Continue reading “15mins in Heaven”

Enjoying the Moment

Sitting at the Shujuice corner of Ceddi plaza from where I could practically see everyone… who drove what car, who wore it best, etc etc.

I discovered life is really about the moment, of course you have to plan for the future but in often times we focus too much on where we want to be or where we are going in the process missing the sight of where we are the moment.


“Pursuit of the Future” wont make me lose sight of the beautiful scenery and that is why I am so going to get me a camera… For what?I will find out when I finally lay my hands on it.
I am going to buy a new watch out of the little… Take my mama out for lunch next time I am in town… Work-hard, Worry-less and Pray.

High School Confession


Oh yea!

I have always had a crush on Oloh’ Temi Unuigbe more like high school crush, and you know what they say about it, the feelings never die.

Hahaha… I was such a moron using my school mother’s name ( Ayoola Bukolami Fe) who was a friend to her sister just to get to her.

In 6years I can only remember talking to her twice ( uhm uhm… I wouldn’t even call it talking). The first, we had just resumed and I saw her in front of the business studies typing pool, I quickly jumped through my class window and walked up to her with my heart racing so fast, I bet Micheal Schumacher and Bolt would not dare compete. Anyway, I walked up to her and told her Bukola ( my school mother) told me to say Hi when we had a conversation over the phone during the holiday. cmon! who does that ( smh4me), I also gave her a picture which was supposed to mean something to her.

Kayyy!!! #mumumuch.

The second time was on the night of our Valedictory Service; 9th of June I think can’t really remember, we had just finished our VS party in the school hall, and I figured it was time to make the move I never made in 6years, in my hand was a box of gift which I had for her. Mehn! I am so good at policing… As she walked from the hall, it was all so dark but there was rays coming from a nearby classroom… I walked up to her forgetting all I had rehearsed… Shet! All I could say was “Bukola said I should give this to you”, she looked into my eyes and asked ” are you sure… I couldn’t answer , I just gulped. As I handed her the box, she took about a step forward to see if it was addressed to her using the rays coming from one of the classrooms… I ran… Like I ran… I could not stand her returning it or dropping it if she found out it was from me… You should have been there… It was hilarious…

And yea, I dropped notes in her locker and wrote her name on walls in the hostels using “crush code” jajajajajajajajajjajaja…


Life and the Burning Cigarette

Life is like a burning cigarette. The major difference is nobody really warns that life fucks everyone.

Each stick is an opportunity to experience few moments of life beyond normal. The moment you are done with a stick you might get a chance for another if your lungs are not already calling for repairs.Image

In life you will get just a chance but not necessarily ONLY… Some have gotten the opportunity of more than one but who says you are going to get that lucky as well.

I am not going to tell you to live a good one, but you should know that the road to happiness is by mastery of craft and of impact…

Oh! You might have to do the linking between life and burning cigarette on your own.


PS: no cigarette was burnt before/during/after writing.

Burnt Ideas

My thought as I tore the book of ideas was simple. Some ideas were just not meant to fly. It was that simple….foolish too.

Of course I have not forgotten my famous line of believing and never quitting when others say it can’t and won’t work. Even if it was said by mere looks and reactions.

Maybe I will tomorrow, definitely not today . *slams door*


Image of hope in my heart

As I stare into the deep blue scary sky searching for answers which I hope brings sanity to the Imagethoughts of my bleeding heart but the look of its emptiness suggests no hope tonight come tomorrow. Another day of pain and worries going to sleep with nothing to keep my fast bleeding heart together.

Just as I was about laying my head, with the hope tomorrow will hold something far more greater than the nohope of today was a fire fly just above my eyes, it’s movement illuminates the sky at the same time giving my eyes a glow. I smiled and said to myself, hope has come just when I thought all hopes were lost. Once again I have found a reason to smile.

No matter how dark, scary and lonely it might get, look within your heart for that element of Light called hope

… And forever live you shall.


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