I Hope You Find Your Heartbeat

Not everyone would live but everyone will die! There have been times that I wondered what goes through people’s mind when they get the chance to “witness” their last breath. Do they suddenly get those “my life in summary flashes”? (Oh! I’ve been there. Yo! The flashes are real) Do they pray? or do some just say fuck it, I’ve lived! Does living mean not having regrets at that moment or just having the courage to accept?  Eiish! Such courage would definitely be a product of spirituality. So many questions but for the sake of retaining the little sanity of the mind, digging deeper is a no no.

While connecting the dots of all my experiences; the YOLO moments, few reads, travel… Undeniably, there are few things people leave behind; in fact, there are three. Children (for those who had), creations and the impact of actions.

“When we take a journey into the past and reflect on those actions that served no higher purpose other than maximizing wealth and pleasure, you would agree that they always seem painfully small and insignificant. Most people know this, and either explicitly or intuitively want to be part of a collective purpose that is larger than their own pleasure, that gives meaning to their lives and passage of time.”

Most of us struggle to stay on course with our purpose, to define who we are, to summon the courage to weaken or break walls, to be more than those we admire, to show the Xs’ and bosses that we are better on our own, to laugh when our problems take the most of us, to fight when there seems to be no fight left in us, to love when we’ve been let down so many times. Take two steps backwards (literally) to remind yourself that the struggle is part of the process and you have to trust it. And your ability to define a noble purpose and to give meaning to people’s effort will become your heartbeat.
To an organization like Microsoft, ”empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more” is beyond thoughts put into words, rather its life and heartbeat.

I hope you find your heartbeat.

Image:  pixael.com


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