Who Needs New Year Resolutions?

‘Never been a believer of the resolution thing. Hollup… back up a little bit and try saying shitty resolution. Ahh… I feel so light. You don’t? It does not matter, this is about me.


I mean, who am I kidding? I always find myself going back to the things I told myself I would not do, maybe I need to learn self-control or some things are just meant to be. Fate comes to mind. There has never been a new year resolution and never will.

Reflection is what I identify with. Do something, reflect on the outcomes, take the lessons out of it and set goals with plans of action. I think that was how learning from experience came about. It has to be. A typical resolution would be to stop smoking in the New Year. Whilst it is a reasonable one, it makes no sense without a plan of action. Try, I will stop smoking in the New Year and I will start by cutting the numbers of sticks by 25% or 50% over the next 6 months and I will celebrate milestones every month until the mission is accomplished.

Resolution is to know you deserve to be punched in the face by a mantis shrimp but you would rather put out a notice for cuddling (Wimp!). Reflection on the other hand is deleting words you type every time you mistype a letter. If you are an earthling, I do not expect you to understand. It is so typical of humans.

I hope with these no/few points of mine I have been able to convince you and not confuse you to invest your time in reflection, at least twice a week for 15 minutes (please feel free to swap least with most). It also helps to keep a journal. If you are someone of no talent like the ‘typer’ of these words, putting your thoughts in writing might just be the bank you sometimes fantasize about breaking.

.^. And they both lived happily ever after .^.

You need to expand the scope of your imaginations, build castles in air, break into the president’s apartment and steal a sock (remember, in your head), undress the hostess (to you bloody perverts, do nothing, I repeat do nothing except dressing her back up), run into your ex (…). If you have a dream so big that it scares the shit out of you (there’s no point if your supposed dream is not beyond the alter), live it, make a million selling crap, put linda ikeji’s blog out of business.


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