Some days, I am depressed, angry at myself and everyone, thinking why it aint yet better and I ask myself…

Do you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes up

Do you stop believing in the sun when the cloud covers it

Do you stop believing morning shall come when its night

Do you stop believing afternoon shall come when its morning

Trees never stop believing rain shall come soon

The birds have no idea how the day will be, they fly farther compared to the previous day.

All because they believe.

Even if there is a cloud over your aspirations… Never stop believing in yourself.

Look around you, look beyond what you see, therein you shall find hope.

If you want to build a mansion start by picking a shovel today

If you want to be the greatest writer in history, pick a pen and a book, write a word today.

If you want to… Just do it.

Life will always force you to accept its offering, you have to fight to get what you want from it.

Pull your sword, put up your shield, stand firm because you are an Achilles on the battle field of troy.

Sometimes you will shoot for the skies but still find yourself on the ground, its no time to quit because you believe.

Sometimes you are tired, emotionally disturbed and it seems there is nothing to hold on to, remember…

If all MEN were made in the image of God, then there is a God in you… After-all it took HIM more than a day to create the world. That is your hope. Believe

Be patient… Seek for Knowledge… Be Positive… Work hard… Have the right attitude…

Most importantly, Believe.

Believe to Achieve.


This note was inspired by the dreams, commitments and hard-work of thousands of young people all around the world that have dedicated their lives into making the world a better place by ensuring world peace through effective leadership and cultural understanding.

They call themselves AIESECers, ladies and gentlemen of passion and vision with the aspiration of touching the lives of every young person in the world.

Thank you for contributing your quota into making the world a better place.