How I Miss You

Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I am over you but really I am thinking come lay by me, when next would I get my regular gift from you, hold me tight and keep me away from insanity of the world.

No one to call me ‘’Yesufu’’, the name I frowned at every time you call me by it.

No one to report me every time we had people over.

When you left, you made me cry blaming myself for everything. Maybe I should have called you more often, maybe I should have sent you flowers every Wednesday just because its Wednesday, maybe I should have held your hands every minute, maybe I should have visited you more often, maybe I should have loved you a little bit more, maybe I should have…

 That is all gone now because you are far away… but you will forever remain a part of me.

[ Long pause… ] I wish I could have back my big birds.

In Loving memories of my Grandmas ”mama Ijebu” and ”Iya Eleja”.

Inspired by the thoughts of my ex-girlfriend with whom I had so much laughs and fights. You showed me love even if it was in the ‘‘weirdest’ of ways but its fine because weird is good and I love weird.

 If only you had stayed a lil much longer we might have solved the problem that you thought existed. I never had regrets not even for a second. I hope he loves you as much as I do.

Lastly, leaving was your loss.

PS: If you still don’t love him/her it means you were never in love.


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