15mins in Heaven

It is the Monday morning of 13th Feb. 2015, or the eve of St. Valentine.

Time to re-frame and renew lies boys and girls tell themselves, time for love birds to appreciate the bond that has kept them together, time to show that special someone how much you love him/her, time for kings and queens of heart breaks to shatter dreams and for some it is just a day to get laid cheaply.

Whichever category you find yourself, I can only wish you the best of luck…

Let me warn you, this note is not about the deceit of the so called lovers day but the multiple erection that is about to take the day by surprise.

Men lie… Women lie… It’s the reason we have a balance in the world. End of story.

It was indeed a long and peaceful night, waking up in my brief and of course with an hard-on which was only natural right?

It must have been carved out of the historic olumo rock, it seem they both share the attribute rock-hard.

The smell of the early morning was different to me, can it be the sexual urge or just because I woke up beside the most gorgeous lady in the world, this is “no wash”. A greek queen once boasted that her daughter was more beautiful than the nymph-daughters of the sea god and was punished for it, let the god and goddess know that they have nothing on me… Bring me the sea monster -croc and I shall bury my sword deep into its skull and theirs. They have been warned!

My white brief matches hers; whatever she was thinking wearing mine just earned her a bonus weekend head. This is not to say that I will be in her lingerie anytime soon except if the offer comes with 7 days and 7 nights of at least 15mins blow-job… nothing really goes for nothing.

For few minutes I stared at her beautiful innocent face, nose so cute, her lips pulling me closer, for I which I eventually fell. Whilst I stared at her, I ran my hands through her hair gently, she snuggled resting her face on my arm, I leaned to kiss her on the head, she smiled, wearing the expression give me some sugar darling. In my mind I’m saying there is more from where that came from, I kissed her on the nose, she smiled again, this time it was brighter. She adjusted her sleeping position by laying on her back waiting for me to bring the message of the heavens as she wore that I am all yours kind of smile. I moved closer, pressing my lips softly against hers, she immediately returned the gesture even more, for 30secs straight our lips were locked together. She opened her eyes, reached for my right ear and whispered good morning Sam as she kissed it. She knows me too well, I became weak, at this point if she had asked for the earth, I probably would have giving her the universe and my heart yanked out.

I knew what was about to go down, I could tell from her expression and premise.

Few days ago, we were invited to a colleague’s birthday party, to cut to the chase, she raped me, though it was the good rape. Whilst the eating and drinking went on downstairs, we played the music from a corner upstairs. If the guests enjoyed it, I am not sure, but I think a few wish they were the ones banging on the door with such a sonorous voice as the bass gave it a warm rhythm to the ears.

The height of the evening was when the celebrant’s son whom is my god-son winked at me… the 10 years old boy winked! His mom looked at me with the kinda ”we are in trouble, what kinda god-father do we have here”.  And I returned with the smile ”oh yea! you are in trouble but not in as much trouble I am going to be if I have a daughter”. That was just by the way, back to the story gangan


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