High School Confession


Oh yea!

I have always had a crush on Oloh’ Temi Unuigbe more like high school crush, and you know what they say about it, the feelings never die.

Hahaha… I was such a moron using my school mother’s name ( Ayoola Bukolami Fe) who was a friend to her sister just to get to her.

In 6years I can only remember talking to her twice ( uhm uhm… I wouldn’t even call it talking). The first, we had just resumed and I saw her in front of the business studies typing pool, I quickly jumped through my class window and walked up to her with my heart racing so fast, I bet Micheal Schumacher and Bolt would not dare compete. Anyway, I walked up to her and told her Bukola ( my school mother) told me to say Hi when we had a conversation over the phone during the holiday. cmon! who does that ( smh4me), I also gave her a picture which was supposed to mean something to her.

Kayyy!!! #mumumuch.

The second time was on the night of our Valedictory Service; 9th of June I think can’t really remember, we had just finished our VS party in the school hall, and I figured it was time to make the move I never made in 6years, in my hand was a box of gift which I had for her. Mehn! I am so good at policing… As she walked from the hall, it was all so dark but there was rays coming from a nearby classroom… I walked up to her forgetting all I had rehearsed… Shet! All I could say was “Bukola said I should give this to you”, she looked into my eyes and asked ” are you sure… I couldn’t answer , I just gulped. As I handed her the box, she took about a step forward to see if it was addressed to her using the rays coming from one of the classrooms… I ran… Like I ran… I could not stand her returning it or dropping it if she found out it was from me… You should have been there… It was hilarious…

And yea, I dropped notes in her locker and wrote her name on walls in the hostels using “crush code” jajajajajajajajajjajaja…



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